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“I highly recommend Lara, she is truly someone who I would trust my real estate needs time after time. In this market, attention to detail and personalized service are a must, and Lara is second to none. I was in a time critical position to find a new home and Lara gave me her complete time to make sure I found a home. She definitely came through and I am happy to recommend her.” - Pedro Mier
"It was a success working with Lara Pavanelli! Although we sold my home in the anticipated time that I had expected, I was not prepared for the number of offers that we would receive weekly. I believe it was a result of her marketing and I attribute this based on feedback from my fellow neighbors who went through this experience before me but without nearly the same activity or success of garnering their asking price. I chose to work with Lara after interviewing several other realtors and as a referral from a highly respected co-worker. I liked her confidence, relateability and marketing strategy. I knew early on that she would be a great communicator and would listen to and really hear me. She did not wear me down with the minutia from her many conversations with each realtor but we spoke at least weekly and she shared pertinent and valuable feedback, insight and direction. I would highly recommend Lara and would work with her again in the future if the opportunity ever arose."  - Cody Griffith
"With the help of Lara Pavanelli, I just recently closed on a house in north Austin. Moving from a different city, I had no idea the housing market in Austin was so competitive lately. I worked with Lara for about two months before we ended up closing on this house. Lara was VERY insightful and helpful throughout the entire process. She worked extremely hard to meet my needs and tailor searches and advice to my personal preferences. I talked with her nearly every day and would -- on more than one occasion -- speak with her late into the night about house findings or contract details. From knowing the back roads to up-to-date information about housing developments, Lara's local knowledge of Austin and the buying process has helped tremendously in my experience. I have not found a more personal and enlightening experience in real estate than with Lara Pavanelli. Her quickness in responding to my requests and expertise in the whole process allowed me to close in just 3 weeks, from start to finish. I am very happy with my new home, thanks to Lara."   -Chris Tran

"I met Lara by accident really, but the moon and stars must have been aligned for me that day because  I could instantly tell she was a savvy go-getter- just what I needed as a buyer in this crazy Austin market. You got to be hungry and stay hungry to do what she does- who wants an agent who has you doing all the searching, or worse- farms you out to an assistant. I made that poor girl show me at LEAST 200 houses! We went from Buda to Cedar Park- and at all hours to stay on top of the new listings. When I finally found "the one", she swiftly negotiated and got my offer accepted over all others. She was hands on, the whole way, and smoothed out every kink until closing. 

So, being two hard working gals as well as moms, we had become fast friends. She speaks multiple languages, has lived all over the world, works hard everyday- and I mean 7 days a week- and has a phenomenal sense of humor! Of course, when I suddenly had to sell my house less than 2 years later, call Lara and she immediately went to work- this time as my sellers agent. She did some intense networking, paid for a great photographer,  and I was getting offers even before the pictures hit the MLS! Lara is very skilled at what she does, so she looks at every angle- financing, closing dates, addendums, conveyances. She wisely advised me not to take the first offer and ended up getting me 20K over asking price (which was already well over what I had paid)! 

I have bought and sold 7 houses over the course of my life before this one, and am not generally a fan of real estate agents. Lara Pavenelli has broken that mold for me. Too bad I won't have her beside me in California! ugh! Do yourself a favor- don't hire your friend, or your boss's sister-in-law, or someone you find on the internet- get someone who actually answers their phone, drives you around herself, will meet you anywhere/anytime, will sacrifice her own vacation to be at your closing, and will be the last real estate agent you will EVER need.  Lara, I am going to miss you so much! Thank you for all your hard work, your friendship, and support." - Melinda G

“From long stints of house hunting to the final closing process, Lara was very dedicated and helpful. She helped me find the perfect house, in the neighborhood I wanted and in my price range. She was very attentive and available throughout the process and was able to negotiate on my behalf for a deal I was very happy with. All in all, I moved in to a gorgeous house on my target day thanks to Lara’s help. “ - Alice Geaccone